Flying High for once

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Flying High for once

Postby sonjamichelle » 03 Apr 2024 08:45

Trying to fine-tune the MSFS 2020 install. It's been a rough start (and end) of the year. Some health issues have kept me away from the Sim, and things were woefully out of date.

I've been battling quite a few CTD issues. I think it pretty much narrows down to conflicting addons. There are a lot of them. I just have to sort through them all, clean out the duplicates and "junk" ones, and figure out which older ones are no longer compatible with the latest updates, yadda yadda.

Anyhow, I broke through the "comfort zone" and did some high-altitude flights today.

Living next to Tinker AFB, which has 27 E3 AWACS on station, we see our fair share of them going over the house at all hours of the day. My wife affectionately calls them "UFO Launchers," lol. :mrgreen:

So, I just HAD to find a good one for MSFS. It is a BEAUTIFUL model, though the sounds are very poor. I'm working on finding good substitute sounds.

Here are a few screenshots of a flight along the Eastern Coast of the UK from RAF Kinloss to RAF Mildenhall, well almost, had a CTD about 100 NM out.

And a couple of short videos, no sound of course, still looking for some, the "swap" I tried with the default 747 didn't work. It's been a while so I forgot the exact procedure.

I added the links to the YouTube videos, not sure why the embeds aren't showing. Embedding is turned on for the videos. I dunno, let me know if you don't see them and I'lll remove the embeds to clean up the extra white-space.

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Re: Flying High for once

Postby AS129 - Michael » 03 Apr 2024 21:39

I remember when I was in the Air Force going to Saudi Arabia to support them with their newly purchased AWACS planes through the 1981 AWACS Deal under President Reagan. I was a KC-135A crew chief so I got to fly along during the refueling missions over the desert.

An experience I'll never forget!

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