I Just Got Autosaved!

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I Just Got Autosaved!

Postby race_munchies » 27 Aug 2016 17:54

This is a lesson I learned...ahem...thought I learned.

I experienced one of them split second building wide power outages during my previous flight. I didn't have autosave.dll in modules folder. I knew one day it would be important enough to have it but I procrastinated. I was enjoying the flight then black out. I was cussing it out bad LOL!!

Well after the modem finally booted up and then my pc booted I loaded the sim and MyAASv2 and it told me the coordinates last saved and so I forgot how to input lat/lon. Tried 3 or 4 times it sent me to 108 Mile general aviation airport. Looked funny seeing a Airbus A332 sitting on the short runway in Canada. So I figured my the sim won't let me spawn at specific lat/lon location over the Pacific Ocean. Then I remembered autosave can do it. Installed it quick then assurance I can reload in case of another power failure.

Well, MyAAsv2 wasn't gonna let me start the flight over again. I didn't mind after all a second attempt. I more or less go away if it happens on the third time due to high frustration. Let's not have that lol. So I deleted the db file and started a new db file. Didn't think it would hurt a thing. I hope not anyway.

Now I am cruising along in the harsh winds at FL320 KLAX-PHNL Airbus A330-200 Hawaiian Airlines livery (POSKY Airbus v2 w/Ken Mitchell A330 panel). To my dismay I notice the airspeed tape magenta sideways triangular move into the overspeed red slashes (supposed to be at 290kias) and indicated airspeed 250kias. Then it would normalize but moments later atmosphere changes then same thing happens again. I think I better keep an eye on it. Same thing happened back in the day over the Atlantic in 2010 when I lost altitude quickly with a high angle of attack.

Thanks for reading my rant. :mrgreen:

Re: I Just Got Autosaved!

Postby AS201 Joe » 27 Aug 2016 19:16

Sounds like a trying time. I will get the resume/cancel flight fixed. At one time that was the only way to delete a flight in progress (resume then cancel). When I added the right click options, on the select flight screen, I forgot to change the behavior of the resume/cancel. Needs to just leave it in its current state.

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Re: I Just Got Autosaved!

Postby race_munchies » 27 Aug 2016 22:53

Hey Joe it's all good man. I just wanted to rant. I quickly learned another lesson. That Posky A332 doesn't hold on the glide scope. it takes a nose dive when it's above scared the snot out of me. I ended up manually gliding it and it was unbearable. Time to delete the plane and try another one but cannot file another pirep until my daily average is well below 10 hours. I went over by 3.2 hours, another lesson learned I add. What a day lol :x I have to wait till 6pm cdt (2300z) tomorrow.

What was good is Landing Rate: -61.5157 at PHNL ILS4R :lol:

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