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SCHEDULE DEVELOPMENT OFFICERS (SDO'S) Our dedicated team of schedule development officers are constantly at work to bring our members the largest variety of real world flights available anywhere in the industry. A jumbo-jet size "Thank You" goes to the following members who donate their time to AirSource schedule development:  Andre Vermeulen , Michael Johnson , Serge Latreille , Alan Turville , Greg Van Empel , Vincent Carlo , Martin Walker , Lee Marrow , Serdar Badoglu , Paul Sargent , Moalic Guillaume , Hal Van Woert , Bela Bakondi , Ian Place , Rafael Adrian , Dave Sybiak , Dave Eastwood , John Hewson , Matthew Erwin , Chris Gracia , Scott Clawson , Augière Romain
Flight Updates Overview by Manager - Last 90 Days [27 Nov 2023 UTC]
AS 220 Paul Sargent updated 98 flights - last updated flights on 9 Jan
0 Recently Updated Airlines in Past 30 days [26 Jan 2024 UTC]
4 New Scheduled Division Airlines Approved in Past Year [25 Feb 2023 UTC]
[GBB] Lift airline added 4 Oct 2023 by Tom Little
[UBT] Norse Atlantic UK airline added 15 Jun 2023 by Norm Edwards
[SIF] AirSial airline added 8 Jun 2023 by Norm Edwards
[SMA] Summit Air airline added 15 May 2023 by Tom Little
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