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Source Of Support

Every day, there are pilot shortages throughout the world. Sickness, vacation, family emergencies, strikes, and many other unforeseen events force airlines to delay flights, and worse yet cancel them. This is where AirSource steps in and keeps the planes flying. We are a strong union of virtual pilots traveling throughout the world with one goal in mind; Complete the flight in a timely manner with safety first. Hundreds of airlines have contracts with AirSource because they know we can "take off" where they left off. But it's not all business here, we are here to have fun along the way!

From flying low and slow using your own personal virtual flying time, to flying across oceans and even around the world; AirSource has a flight that fits your needs! Read on to learn more about the most diverse and exciting virtual flying community on the net, AirSource!

Complete Automation

The AirSource website represents our community. We strive to bring you an easy to use environment so you may progress efficiently and happily. This virtual pilot union uses effective tools to communicate and complete day to day activities. One example is our automated database. This is a real-time system that takes your data and organizes it in an easy to read format. Our database accepts your flight data, immediately calculates your total flight time and distributes the correct amount of virtual money to your account. We have an extensive list of statistics pages that are updated every time you open the page.

Backwards Compatibility

Since AirSource does not exclusively use their own fleet of aircraft, our members have their choice of simulation media. AirSource utilizes Microsoft Flight Simulator© series, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D©, Laminar Research X-Plane©, but our Pilots can use most any flight simulator to fly scheduled airline flights. Additionally, any add on aircraft can be downloaded and used in conjunction with your favorite simulator from popular aviation simulation websites such as AVSIM.


About Virtual Airlines

What is a "Virtual Airline"?
A Virtual Airline is a fictional rendition of a real-world Airline. There are also Virtual Airlines on the Internet that do not model themselves after any real world Airline, and use a unique name. The term “VA” is used for short. All VA’s offer multiple Aircraft for their members to download, usually matching the scheme of the Airline. The aircraft they offer are normally in one format, such as Prepar3D©, or X-Plane© Simulators. Therefore, it would be required for any member of a VA to own a copy of the simulator supported.

The purpose of VA’s is for their members to be part of a community with the same interest…Flying! Some advantages of VA’s include: (1) Small technical issues can be solved via the VA’s forums and E-mail from staff. (2) Tracking of flight hours and recognition. (3) An overall sense of community involvement. (4) Challenge above and beyond the scope of the simulator itself.
Is AirSource a Virtual Airline?
Using the types of VA’s explained above, AirSource is a little of both, and more. That is, we simulate flying for the real world Airlines; yet have a unique company name to be referred as. This means our Pilots may simulate flying for a great number of real-world Airlines all under one roof. Members consider the Company of AirSource  as a Union of Virtual Aviation Pilots (Hence the name "Virtual Pilot Union").

Additionally, the Aircraft that you may use are not limited to one Flight Simulator. This gives us the ability to support any Flight Simulator available on a computer, no matter the computer type. You’re not limited to one type of livery or paint scheme either. Including all of the simulator platforms available; Flight Simulator, Prepar3D and X-Plane, there are literally THOUSANDS of different aircraft to download for use while flying for AirSource. Now that is CHOICE!

Active AirSource

AirSource pilots using Microsoft Flight Simulator© series (select versions), Lockheed Martin Prepar3D©, and Laminar Research X-Plane© can perform their flights with verified flight hours. The Active AirSource program runs during your flight and communicates with the AirSource website LIVE to record your flight time and current action. ACARS (Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System) is the future of virtual flying. See an example of pilots flying here.

AirSource Virtual Pilot Union
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AirSource Group Established June 2000