Happy 20th - AirSource!

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Happy 20th - AirSource!

Postby AS 2 Tom Little » 01 Mar 2020 00:51

Enjoy the event!


Crew Passes:
http://air-source.us/operations/crew_pa ... ies=20comm

The Crew passes have special imagery but the names are kind of hard to read so wanted to include them below as well.

Special Crew Pass Backgrounds showing RPNA Pilots:



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Re: Happy 20th - AirSource!

Postby Neil B » 01 Mar 2020 15:08

Happy 20th - going to be a great event !

One small issue relating to the Crew Passes. The rules allow us to substitute other than the suggested aircraft (subject to suitability), however when filing a crew pass the suggested aircraft is logged as being flown, as opposed the one actually used

For example I flew the first leg using a Cessna 172 and the second using a Piper Cherokee. Both a/c were selected when completing the PIREP's, but my logbook and the Crew Pass reports in the Ops Centre both show the suggested aircraft (Cessna 182 for these two legs) as being flown rather than what was actually used.

Not a major issue, but I'd just thought I'd make you aware

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