Prepare to be Home for the Holidays!

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Prepare to be Home for the Holidays!

Postby AS 2 Tom Little » 09 Nov 2019 04:38

We are quickly descending from 2019 which can mean one thing here at AirSource, and that is being Home for the Holidays! Be sure to "set" your home airport before 16 November and prepare your flights to navigate Home and enjoy some hot cocoa!

How do you set your home airport? Simple: Head over to our Airport search page and once you locate where your home is nearest set it by clicking the link on the airport details page. Most folks will not need to change it, nor do they ever, but sometimes new members may not set their home airports during initial sign-up. Just remember, your home airport is the last stop on your way Home for the Holidays, so make sure it's an accessible location!

Oh and have a look through our Special crew pass area for a little "bonus" kickoff flight, it's limited in quantity but should be enough around for us early birds...

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Re: Prepare to be Home for the Holidays!

Postby AS455 - Don » 10 Nov 2019 11:50

Hey Tom
I am ready to go “Home for the Holidays"!
This is a GREAT Christmas Operation!
And, I appreciate the timing very much!
Don Smith

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