Couple of Scenery Links

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Couple of Scenery Links

Postby TerryW » 27 May 2010 18:50

I have found some really good scenery for FSX on these all may be very familiar with them, but I have never seen any discussion about them on the major FS Forums. So, if you're a scenery hog like I am, and you weren't aware of the sites....

The terra brasilis site has a really good Cape Verde scenery pack which includes mesh, landclass, airport sceneries and ai packages...find it on the downloads/extras page. There is also some nice Sao Paulo landclass and a number of Brazil airports.

The first site has a large number of Argentinian airports.....their SABE X is fantastic. There is also a very good Montivideo....I've installed just about every one of the packages.

I have the freeware south america mesh and a payware south america landclass, and the packages from these sites have really enhanced my SA flying.
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Re: Couple of Scenery Links

Postby Leemazz » 27 May 2010 19:00

Oh nice Terry ive been after a nice SUMU for a while

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Re: Couple of Scenery Links

Postby ITZREAL » 28 May 2010 11:17

Thank you lots Terry for some very good Brazil scenery links. As SDO SA, I look forward to using them as I plan some flights for upcoming schedules. Very good find! And once again, thanks!

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