Touchdown Rates (no, not NFL)

MyActive AirSource (MyAAS) is the program used by AirSource members to record their flight time. Requires Microsoft Flight Simulator and (free) version of FSUIPC. MyAAS 2 is programmed by AS 201 Joe Hamilton, and is always being reviwed for new features.

Touchdown Rates (no, not NFL)

Postby TerryW » 13 Nov 2016 16:07

I noticed around June that my average touchdown rates seemed to have almost doubled. I put it down to uninstalling my FSX boxed edition, and installing FSX-SE (which I use exclusively now), and assuming FSX-SE was somehow different. Aircraft I use is identical to what I used in the boxed edition, and I'm well used to them. Today, for example, with the default 738 landing at LIRF, MyAAS reported the rate as -360 fpm....but the thing landed at what was probably around -100 fpm...not even a slight bump. Could the fact I use FSX-SE be a reason, or am I just getting careless in my dotage? No big deal....just curious....all the best,

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Re: Touchdown Rates (no, not NFL)

Postby AS201 Joe » 13 Nov 2016 17:19

To be honest with you...I'm not sure. Would be nice to hear some other people's input on this. I haven't made any changes to that part of the code.

Looking at some of the recent flights, there are a couple under 100fpm but most above (200-300). I might have to double check the code.

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