New Version 2.0.2021

MyActive AirSource (MyAAS) is the program used by AirSource members to record their flight time. Requires Microsoft Flight Simulator and (free) version of FSUIPC. MyAAS 2 is programmed by AS 201 Joe Hamilton, and is always being reviwed for new features.

New Version 2.0.2021

Postby AS201 Joe » 16 Mar 2016 13:05

Updated in this version:
  • fixed issues with the refueling system
  • fixed an issue where a flight would no longer be marked as being 'complete' when re-starting myAAS2. Only applies to Crew Pass flights
If you have any flights that should be complete, but are being shown as a new flight, please send me your myAAS2.db file and I'll get it fixed. (jbham -at-

Just let auto-update handle it or get the new exe file here:

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