MyActive AirSource (MyAAS) is the program used by AirSource members to record their flight time. Requires Microsoft Flight Simulator and (free) version of FSUIPC. MyAAS 2 is programmed by AS 201 Joe Hamilton, and is always being reviwed for new features.


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Where do I get myAAS2?
Download it from

How do I install myAAS2?
Just extract the myaas2.exe file from the .zip file downloaded above. Place anywhere you want.
Preferably not in "protected" folders (i.e. Program Files, My Documents, etc.)
How to extract a file: ... x?mfr=true

What do I need to run myAAS2?
Compatible Flight Simulator (most versions of FS, P3D or, possibly, X-Plane)
The freeware version of FSUIPC (get at
or XPUIPC for X-Plane (get at

How do I record and PIREP a flight
  1. Start myAAS2 and figure out what flight you want to do
  2. Get your flight simulator set-up at the departure airport
  3. Select your flight in myAAS2 and click on "Fly Selected Flight"
  4. When ready to go, select "Start Flight" from the myAAS2 menu
  5. At your destination, select End Flight/PIREP..." from the myAAS2 menu and choose "Flight Complete"
  6. Go through the PIREP screens and your flight should be uploaded to the server
  7. That's it
*Can I view a Crew Pass from within myAAS2?
Yes, just right-click the flight and select "View Ticket..." (You must be connected to the internet.).

*My Crew Pass does not show up
Check the effective date of the Crew Pass. if it is at a later date, the Crew Pass will not show up until that date.

Can myAAS2 be used off-line?
Yes, myAAS2 only needs to be connected to the internet on first run, when downloading flights and when PIREP'ing flights. Once you have flights downloaded, just fly them off-line as above. When ready to PIREP the flights, connect to the internet and select "File->File Flight Reports..." from the main myAAS2 menu

I fly on a computer that's not connected to the internet, can I still use myAAS2?
Yes, you need 2 installs of myAAS2, one on the computer you fly on and the other on one that's connected to the internet. You just need to copy the myAAS2.db file back and forth between the two.

When should I start/end the flight?
Start the flight at either push-back or engine start (whichever comes first)
End the flight when arriving at the gate/ramp

How do I fly a multi-leg flight?
After each leg, select Re-Fueling Stop on the End Flight screen. When at your final destination, select Flight Complete

I get "Flight Simulator not found"
Make sure you have FSUIPC installed

Help, Flight Simulator/myAAS2 crashed during my flight!
First, if myAAS2 crashed, please report the issue in the MyActive AirSource section of the forum, with as much detail as possible.
Next, myAAS2 saves a back-upo of the flight every 5 minutes. There should be an asterisk next to the route you were flying "KSEA-KLAX (*)".
Just select to fly that flight and it will give you it's last recorded position of the flight. Then just set FS back up at that location.

I have a suggestion for a feature/change.
Please feel free to make the request in the MyActive AirSource section of the forums. All requests will be reviewed.
Note: myAAS2's main purpose is flight recording and PIREP'ing flight data. It is not intended to be a "do everything" program that a lot of other VA's use

Is the source code available?
Not at this time, no.

Google Earth live flight map
View this post: viewtopic.php?f=51&t=6702

View tracks/data of completed flights
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