Thanks Mark et al.

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Thanks Mark et al.

Postby Phillip Speer » 21 May 2010 20:48

I just want to say thanks to Mark for organising this wonderful event and all the CDO's and others involved in running the event. I've found it most enjoyable. In the beginning planning the route and flights in the early morning hours through to the flights including a couple of new aircraft and many new destinations. Having made it back home to Gatwick I need to decide what to do in my spare time now!

Cheers guys and look forwards to the next 10 years.


ps - if anyone finds a set of Concorde landing gear at PHNL, can you send them back to me :oops:

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Phillip Speer
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Re: Thanks Mark et al.

Postby AS380 Mark Richards » 21 May 2010 22:22

NO problems at all Philip, I'm glad you enjoyed it... And I'll head to Honolulu and see if I can find your landing gear.

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AS380 Mark Richards
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Re: Thanks Mark et al.

Postby iang77 » 21 May 2010 22:52

I second that. Great work, Mark. And thanks to all the bid officers for entering those flights into the system!

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