Event Completed! AS297 Ian Guenther

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Event Completed! AS297 Ian Guenther

Postby AS37 Norm Edwards » 09 May 2010 12:57

Congratulations go out to Ian for completing this great event, and doing it as well as fulfilling his duties as an ASHA SDO! Well done Ian - reading your PIREPs it shows you enjoyed it heaps! :)

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Re: Event Completed! AS297 Ian Guenther

Postby iang77 » 09 May 2010 17:20

Thanks, Norm. I had a blast. Kudos to the Bid team for this great event!

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Re: Event Completed! AS297 Ian Guenther

Postby AS380 Mark Richards » 09 May 2010 20:35

Well done Ian! No mean feat completing the event, so well done.

Remember folks, there's still a month to go to complete all the flights so it's not too late to start!

Look forwards to adding the award to your logbook Ian.

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AS380 Mark Richards
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Re: Event Completed! AS297 Ian Guenther

Postby milo221 » 10 May 2010 13:53

Congrats Ian!

This is a great event... I still have quite a way to go to finish, but I'm having a blast so far. :D

Blue Skies,


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