Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900

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Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900

Postby Guest » 23 Jun 2008 20:38

Just thought I'd share a few images from a flight I recently flew for Alaskan Airlines.

Here we are about to push back.


I have just been cleared for take off.


About to raise the gear.


Climbing to cruise altitude.


A shot from the cockpit as we begin our descent into the cloud below.


A couple of shots of us following vectors to Wien Mem'l.



Now on the final and breaking through the low cloud.


Fully configured and the weather looks good, this should be another fine landing.


Well, hope you enjoyed this set of images, would love a little feedback, Darren.

Postby snakey-111 » 06 Jul 2008 10:24

Your screenshots look amazing, wish my computer was as good as yours, and i may start fying for more of the airline in Air Source.

Basically explore the world!!!!!! :D (with my rubbish computer)
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Postby Guest » 12 Jul 2008 00:13

Hey there Snakey,

Actually my PC is fairly middle of the road really. Its has

AMD 5200+ Dual Core processor
Radeon 1950Pro (1Gb Ram)
Vista Home Premium

It runs FS2004 great, but really struggles with FSX and so I am having to stick with FS2004 for now. TO be honest I am a bit of a gamer and so use my PlayStation3 to get my kicks, the PC is purely for Flight Sim and Photo Editing.

Postby Ken Bolish » 12 Jul 2008 15:10

I see that you use a virtual cockpit. what do you use to look around?
A mouse, joystick or Track IR?

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Postby Guest » 12 Jul 2008 20:08

Ken, I only ever use Virtual Cockpits if i can help it.

I use Active Camera for looking around. It allows you to use the mouse to look around, the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

It also adds a kind of head motion mechanic so that the forces of gravity and turbulence jostle you around (just like in FSX). It also adds loads of options like custom flyby and tower views.

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