Spectacular CRJ shots (warning, large post)

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Spectacular CRJ shots (warning, large post)

Postby Guest » 08 Mar 2008 20:04

Just finished a flight to Coppenhagen, the weather on departure was very rough, but boy did it look spectacular!

The weather forecast isn't good, with wind gusting up to 40kts. I get permission to pushback and prepare to start my engines.


Leaving from Rwy07 the weather seems to be getting worse. I am glad I am not trying to land in this.


As I climb out to cruise at 30oooft I start to climb through the weather, its a bumpy ride.


Another shot of the CRJ climbing. I personally think its one of the nicest looking aircraft around, I love the frontend.


Still climbing, but I start to leave the weather behind me at least.


Now in the cruise, I get the charts for EKCH and take a look at whats ahead.


Here I am well into the descent, I make a turn as directed by the ATC.


Just 10 minutes out of Kastrup.


I make visual contact with EKCH and request a visual approach from ATC.


Nearly down, the weather is playing ball and this should be a very straight forward landing.


At 1ooft I lower the last of the flaps and give the instruments a quick once over.


Crossing the threshold.


Hope you enjoy these images, I reckon they might be my best shots yet, thanks to the awesome weather (thanks to ActiveSky6).

Postby AS275 » 09 Mar 2008 11:15

Nice shots and to a destination I visit often both virtually and in reality. Whose aircraft is that?

Postby Guest » 09 Mar 2008 12:00

Coppenhagen is somewhere I would love to visit (to be honest I would like to fly to most places as I seldom get to travel).

As for the aircraft, its the Wilco CRJ. I looks spectacular from outside but the virtual cockpit is looking its age now compared to the newer addons. But it does fly really well. I picked it up of Ebay for just £5 - bargain!

Thanks for the feedback.

Postby Leemazz » 09 Mar 2008 21:55

Darren fantastic shots with great effect . Darren did you have a previous profile which was deleted just i remember some similair pics being posted .

Great pics Darren remember if you dont login for a month your profile gets deleted and remember to set it to on vacation so it does not get deleted .

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Postby Guest » 10 Mar 2008 07:43

Thanks for the feedback Lee. Yeah, I did use a different login about 7-8 months ago, but my PC died on me and I couldn't envisage getting a new one for a long time (I also had a decent laptop so it was had to justify buying a new PC ahead of other stuff we needed).

So I decided I would just have to knock my PC gaming on the head for a couple of years but, as it happens, I managed to pick up a bunch of components from a pal and here I am with quite a decent rig and FS2004 was the 1st thing I installed. Trouble is I had lost my large amount of flight hours so I have to start over - ah well.

Thanks again for the feedback Lee, I have seen some of your work on fsliners and its also very good,


Thank you!!

Postby Guest » 12 Mar 2008 07:42

These shots are eyecandies.

Why thankyou

Postby Guest » 12 Mar 2008 12:45

thanks for the kind word Tyrone, glad you liked them.

As soon as I got airborne I knew my shots were going to be good, the weather, along with my new water textures, combined to make a spectacular setting.

Thanks again Tyrone


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