Flight 1324 to Newcastle

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Flight 1324 to Newcastle

Postby Guest » 08 Mar 2008 11:55

My latest flight in the 757-200 took me from Heathrow to Newcastle.

Here I prepare to follow the BUZ2K SID from runway 9L.


Positive rate of climb, gear up.


Climbing away from Heathrow I aim to cross BUZAD @ 6oooft.


Looking back at London, which is just waking up.


Having completed a short cruise, I decsend through the cloud and prepare for vectors to runway 25.


I get vectored out over the North Sea and I prepare to turn to intercept the ILS.


Here I am having intercepted the ILS, will soon be down on terra firma.


Gear down and adding the flaps I begin to slow the aircraft.


On target as I hand fly this approach and final, why should 'Auto' have all the fun.


Nearly there, speeding along I drop down past 100 feet.


Safely down I reverse thrust and prepare to leave the runway.


Well thanks for looking, feel free to leave a little feedback if you can.



Postby camdog88 » 13 Mar 2008 08:55


Nice shots there. I would have to say that the last one looks edited along with a few others. Do you edit them?

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Postby Guest » 13 Mar 2008 13:19


yes, I do edit most of my shots. I am a semi pro photogapher and so try to make as pleasing an image as possible, and so feel the need to 'meddle' with my images.

The first thing I do is enlarge them and give them a crop to make the composition a little more interesting. I then tend to add a little blur to knock out the detail in the ground as I like the effect this has on the image as a whole (it adds a fake depth of field effect).

I will then just adjust contrast and dodge and burn to add more depth to the highlights and shadows on the aircraft. If the lights look a little fake I will add my own effects to these too.

Also, if you look at some of the final images, you will see I have been experimenting with adding some exhaust haze effects.

I know some people like just straight screenshots, but I find they look poor compared to a well edited shot - whats your opinion.

I should point out that all my edits would be for nothing if the sim looked poor in the first place, but I have hundreds of pounds worth of addons running to get it looking good in the first instance.

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