AHSA Flight 0-57-38987-81589120

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AHSA Flight 0-57-38987-81589120

Postby Guest » 10 Sep 2007 07:46

Just a few training flights left in South America, and having a great time.

Here are a few shots of my latest flight.

Here I am climbing away from San Rafael.


Climbing up to cruise at 24oooft.


Some of the great scenery while in the cruise.


More of that spectacular scenery.


I spot this interesting valley from the cockpit.


It'll soon be time to head down to terra firma.


I lower the gear and some flaps as I turn toward Vicco.


Getting into position and keeping an eye on my speed.


Just a few seconds from touchdown now.


Safely down I look foward to stretching my legs.


Hope you enjoyed these images, thanks for looking.

Postby Leemazz » 11 Sep 2007 18:02

Nice shots Darren love the engine shot the editing gives you the feel of the speed .

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Postby Guest » 12 Sep 2007 12:08

Thanks again for the feedback Lee. Yeah, I quite like how the engine shot came out.

I am a semi pro (part time) photographer and so I am always looking at depth of field and things like that, and so try and add characteristics of real photography to my screenshots.

In fact I would say the engine shot is my favourite so far, my PC managed to keep the 'blurries' to a minimum and I just blurred the engine a little and added a lenseflare to the prop.

Thanks again for the feedback


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