Weird Stuff Out Of Mexico City (XPlane 11)

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Weird Stuff Out Of Mexico City (XPlane 11)

Postby flyingpolarbear » 13 Oct 2018 04:34

I have made 4 attempts to fly out of Mexico City on to Cancun and all of them resulted in some weird anomaly shortly after getting ATC clearance to climb to FL290. My altitude freezes, my speed drops but my IAS indicator stays frozen. I have my gear up and no flaps and all of a sudden my flap caution lights go on and I start to dive and there is no way to get out of the dive. The first 3 attempts I programmed the FMC and the last attempt I did not use the FMC at all and still had the same problem. Any one know what may be causing this other than a possibly faulty area in the simulation? Oh yes...I am flying the default 737-800 that comes with XPlane 11.

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