FSX Steam vs MSFS

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FSX Steam vs MSFS

Postby paul01942 » 18 Jun 2021 10:16

So I'm in a quandary I have being flying on FSX Steam since it was released, before that I was on FSX and prior to FSX all the subsequent programs.

I have built up a sizable library of add ons on my steam, including a vast array of aircraft and airports, not to mention AS2016 weather program as well as numerous other add ons.

Where I'm undecided is do I continue to invest in steam or do I make the jump to the new MSFS program? I'm not concerned at losing the investments I've made, I just want to enjoy the experience to the maximum.

What are your thoughts guys? remain with steam or take the leap? :?: :?

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Re: FSX Steam vs MSFS

Postby sonjamichelle » 18 Jun 2021 15:52

My Opinion is, if FSX is working well for you and as you said you have quite a bit invested in it, then continue to use it, maybe slow your purchases a bit. But definitely check out the new MSFS2020. It is certainly a great platform, HOWEVER, it is still pretty buggy though Asobo continues to develop and fix said bugs. Asobo is also VERY responsive to the community. There isn't the large base of addons yet compared to FSX, X-Plane and Prepar3d, but they are growing.

I'd say give it a while for the SDK to be fleshed out and the usual developers begin to put out their products.

If you are an airliner fan and fly most of your flights at high altitude then you should be fine with FSX and your current addons. MSFS 2020 really excels when it comes to VFR because of the photogrammetry feature bringing you rather detailed and relatively accurate representations of the world.

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Re: FSX Steam vs MSFS

Postby AS 2 Tom Little » 20 Jun 2021 12:14

Like Sonja says, a slow transition is preferable if you have the space on your PC... also suggest getting MSFS on Steam because if you need to find any files it's much easier. Most MSFS add ons are through the in program Marketplace so they are purchased and downloaded through MSFS - which is nice and clean if one likes it that way. If I buy add ons I like to purchase them outside of the Marketplace if possible. I've had some incredible flights with MSFS which have been closest to my real world flying compared to any other sim so far. But also like Sonja mentions, MSFS is still very young and is buggy, not perfect by any means but MS is making things better, slowly.

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Re: FSX Steam vs MSFS

Postby Leemazz » 20 Jun 2021 20:04

Im sticking with FSX for now , maybe even a year . FSX works well for me plus too many addons to name .

It looks amazing but my FSX is doing the job for now , until an MD11 comes out for MSFS anyway !!

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