myAAS2 Chat Beta Test - Voluntary

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myAAS2 Chat Beta Test - Voluntary

Postby AS201 Joe » 26 Jun 2016 14:25

Hi all-

In some testing with Tom, we decided to open the chat to Air-Source wide testing. We don't want to make it an *official* patch yet as we want to make sure nothing is affected by it. We don't foresee any conflicts with the flight routine as the chat runs in it's own thread.

Just a couple of notes:
  • to try and keep server load down, messages are sent/received every 4 seconds
  • the online/offline button applies only to your chat status
  • private messages/admin messages and flight update messages are not implemented as of yet. We want to test the stability of the system first.

Please keep all discussions pertaining to the chat (issues/suggestions/problems/etc.) in this thread:

Get the file here

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