Poker Run 2015 - Alaskan Adventure Awards

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Poker Run 2015 - Alaskan Adventure Awards

Postby AS380 Mark Richards » 01 Aug 2015 01:22

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Poker Run 2015 - Alaskan Adventure.

Final hands can be viewed here.

Congrats to:
  • 1st Place: v$30,000 - AS62 Mike Padgett Straight, Queen high
  • 2nd Place: v$20,000 - AS86 Terry Wright Straight, 5 high
  • 3rd Place: v$10,000 - AS20 Gary Davis Two Pair, Aces and Sevens

also thank you to the rest of the participants:
  • AS543 Bruce Watson
  • AS2 Tom Little
  • AS455 Don Smith
  • AS248 John Iverson
  • AS356 Kyle Broadbent
  • AS336 Don Gore
  • AS530 Mark Vall
  • AS265 Paul Gutzman
  • AS380 Mark Richards
  • AS57 Jeff Summers
  • AS188 Scott Clawson
  • AS150 Hugh Urquhart
  • AS29 Barry Woodward
  • AS552 Ashley Winters
  • AS176 Andre Vermeulen
  • AS283 Roger Dean
  • AS201 Joe Hamilton
  • AS295 Neil Burgess
  • AS195 Jim Skorna
  • AS121 Stephen Barker
  • AS37 Norm Edwards
  • AS386 Robert Whitelock
  • AS300 Randy King

The awards have been posted to your logbooks.

A big thanks to Joe Hamilton for the idea and for running the event.

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