Cessna 172 *welcome*

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Cessna 172 *welcome*

Postby shareratje » 23 Nov 2015 14:06

Hello Everyone,

I'm Michael from The Nederlands, and my age is: 24 i flying now around 6 year on the simulator and after 6 years i have found this beautiful website.

my first flights are now done, but i have see this:
http://air-source.us/operations/asga/vi ... .asp?id=33

And know you know what i will ask haha :lol:
How can i buy also a aircraft, because i can't lease that aircraft because:
This aircraft is not available for flight plan booking due to the following reason(s):
Flight plan currently booked for this aircraft. Expires on N/A - Aircraft Privately Owned.
This aircraft is owned by AS 455 Don Smith, however it is not designated as available for lease.

Nice to meet you! 8)

Re: Cessna 172 *welcome*

Postby AS380 Mark Richards » 25 Nov 2015 12:55

Welcome. Glad you're enjoying it.

At the moment, aircraft sales are not open, this is a future enhancement to the GA division in the planning. Don had this aircraft gifted to him by the EMT due his dedication and service to AirSource.


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