"New" Pilot looking for friends to fly with.

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"New" Pilot looking for friends to fly with.

Postby Arckitel » 10 Aug 2012 03:40

Hello, I used to be a member of AS several years ago (before I had kids running around). I've forgotten nearly everything I had learned back in the day, but its slowly coming back. I am a father of two, a Seven year old girl and a 4 year old boy. Im a disabled veteran that is currently out of work. I do play a couple other online MMO games, but have always had this itch inside me that tells me to fly high. I hope I can quench my thirst here with AS and FSX.

A couple of questions as I get started. First, where is a good place to get freeware aircraft etc besides AVSIM? Either Im not smart enough to figure it out or AVSIM isnt organized as well as I'd like.

Second, I would like to listen in on some of your pilot operations to kind of learn what Im supposed to do and learn how to actually look like I know how to fly an airplane.

Thanks in advance and Im happy to be here.

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Re: "New" Pilot looking for friends to fly with.

Postby AS 2 Tom Little » 10 Aug 2012 10:55

Welcome (back) Alan!

One alternative I know of is flightsim.com

The best thing to do is practice, practice. Lots of videos on you tube you can search for just about anything to do with flying. i.e. ILS approaches, flight planning, etc. There is also our GA divsion where you can practice flying without worries of a departure/destination where you can land at the same airport you departed.

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