So... I'm a new pilot what do I do?

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So... I'm a new pilot what do I do?

Postby Anthony Fluhart AS167 » 15 May 2006 05:27

Welcome to AirSource Virtual Pilot Union. We are a team of dedicated Virtual Pilots spanning the globe. Over 400 Airlines have contracts with Airsource. Every day, there are Pilots that call in sick, take vacation, go on strike, or simply cannot make it to the gate on time for their flight. AirSource is here to keep scheduled Airline service uninterrupted.

Q. There are four different divisions where do I start? Does it matter?

A. You can start anywhere you want.

Find a Flight. Fly it. File it.

Schedule Divison

The AirSource scheduled division is where it all started. Years ago, AirSource Pilots depended on schedules from each individual airline website or OAG book. Now over 400,000 flights are available for us to search and locate a flight that meets our needs; all in one place.

How the Scheduled Division works
A scheduled flight can now be pre-booked and kept in a personal list called a plan book. You have the option of adding or removing as many flights as you wish from your plan book. There are no deadlines to fly or file your flights by.

Bid Division.

The main reason you are an AirSource Pilot is right here. Bid flights are posted by the Management team for YOU to choose and fly. There are different types of Bid Flights, some are for sports events, others may be due to a strike or pilot shortage. AirSource pilots are stationed throughout the world to ensure these flights are completed in a safe and timely manner.

ASHA (Humanitarian Division)

Pilots who fly ASHA fly proud. The AirSource Humanitarian Airlift Division (better known as ASHA) was formed in 2001. The division fits within AirSource operations as a "specialty division" and consists of a dedicated roster of Pilots. We fly passenger and freight transfer flights throughout the world. In times of need, ASHA is mission ready for weather surveillance and disaster relief support.

Personal Division

Are you in need of a freedom flight? Testing an aircraft or perhaps just want to get away from the pressures of passengers and pressing schedules? Take a flight or two with the exclusive Personal Flight Division to relax. The best part is you accumulate logbook hours and gain AirSource experience! Do take notice, though, that a standard rate of $80 per flight hour will be deducted from your savings. This accounts for fuel and insurance. Landing fees, if applicable are paid by AirSource.

Q. You just file it... how do I do that and what is all this verified flight business?

A. There are three methods to file your flight. The first is manually by visiting any of the divisions webspace and follow the pirep links. The other two are our verified means. AAS - Active AirSource is a small stand alone program that runs while you fly Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS2000, FS2002, FS2004). It records and sends data from Flight Simulator directly to the AirSource website. This functionality will allow pilots to fly and be seen on the Active AirSource flight board. In addition, pilots will be able to increase their v-salary by filing their flights as "AAS Certified", since flights are verified through the program as "authentic flight time". Active AirSource (or AAS) runs in either multiplayer OR single player mode in Flight Simulator. MyAAS is another stand alone program that does not require a constant internet connection to monitor your flight. Rather, the program just needs a connection to download your booked flights and to pirep.

Q. How do I book a flight?

A. In the ASHA and Bid flight division just follow the book flight links to book you flight. In the schedule division just add a flight to the plan book. When you start AAS those flights should be available to you in the main screen.

Well, thats all I can think of for now. If you have some Q & A's that you would like to see added just PM me and I'll add it.

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Postby AS 2 Tom Little » 30 Jul 2006 21:53

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Re: So... I'm a new pilot what do I do?

Postby zfly2sky » 19 Jan 2011 10:57



Once you have joined, download the "MyAAS"!
This is a small program that records & verifies
your flights as you fly so you can get proper
credit for them and it communicates with your
PC within your game as it keeps track of the
flights you have booked and flown from AAS.

To find it, look on the "Main Air Source Page"
or the Home Page, where you signed in at and
look over to top middle, you see "Pilot Operations"?
Click on it, and look again to the middle right
(under the black banner AirSource) and you
see in blue "Downloads". Click on it, and you then
will see a bunch of ASHA Aircraft, but scroll way
down to the bottom and you will see "My Active
AirSource Full Download". Click on the light blue
link at the very bottom "Download My Active
AirSource". Now we are getting there.

It says, "MyAAS [My Active AirSource]"! (in big
black letters.) Read this whole page & make sure
you have what it says you need. Check out the
links to the forums that go into detail &trouble
shooting. When you are done, go up in the
top left corner under "AAS Links" (in small white
letters) and you see "MyAAS V1.0.2.2 Download"
(in small black letters.) Click on it and that is
the latest version for "MyAAS" program.

A download box will appear and click "OK"
It will download a zipped file in your "Download"
folder or where ever yours goes. Bring that
zipped folder to your desktop. Make another
folder on your desktop and name it "AAS" (which
ever you choose) and extract the zipped folder
into your new named folder. And behold, as
you look into your "new folder" you have an
"exe" file with a big Red arrow pointing on
it and it is time to do some more clicking!

Download it, and as for me, I left "MyAAS"
in the my "Program Files" folder and I don't put
any short cuts to it on my desktop. To access
it, just click on your "Windows Explorer" to
"My Computer" to "Program Files" and scroll
down until you see "MyActiveAirSource". To
open the program just click on the icon that
has big blue AS letters or "MyAAS.exe" ONLY!
Not the "myAASic.ico" ONLY the "MyAAS.exe".
Run it from there and leave the folder open
in your Windows Explorer and slide it over
to the far right of your desktop and leave
it there even as you play the game because
you are always going to need to access that
"MyAAS.exe" to start that "little program"
or "client" so you can load your booked flights
and to report your flown flights or PIREP a
flight in order to get credit for as accessed
through the open "Windows Explorer" option.
After you PIREP a flight, the "client" disappears
and you have to click on "MyAAS.exe" again
to upload another booked flight for another go.
Some PCs are different and I had issues with
the desktop short cut so I just run it from
that folder. And if there is any problems,
there is plenty of people on here 24/7 that
can assist you! Hopefully this will help some
younger pilots or others from other countries
from having to search and dig to find a fast
"to the point" starting place. "WHAT FLIGHTS
DO I START OUT WITH" is next. Watch the

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Re: So... I'm a new pilot what do I do?

Postby zfly2sky » 19 Jan 2011 12:12


So you are new and want to get some flights
and hours under your belt, but where do you
go now? What aircraft, what Division, where
do I go?, bla, bla, bla. Well first sign in, and
you will be taken to the "Welcome" page and
it should say that you are "logged in" at the
very top. See the "Wikipeia" Puzzle globe,
your last airport location to the right of it,
and some kool stuff & links etc., but you can
check those out later.

Now under "WELCOME" you will see (in small
black letters) "Pilot Operations" to the left
of the puzzle globe. Click on it, and shazam!
You have been here before to get your "MyAAS"
remember? For now, click on "AirSource Flights"
and this will take you to "AirSource Flight Divisions"
page. There are 4 Divisions and the first one
(and the easiest) is the "Scheduled Division".
See Anthony Fluhart (AS167) original thread
at the top for a detained discription of ALL

Now see the pretty green 747, click under it, on
"Scheduled Flight Division" (in light blue). Now
you are at the "Scheduled Division Main Page"
This is where you book a flight. There are 2
ways to use this page, a very detailed choice
of Airlines, Airports, Aircraft, distance etc.,
which is in the "Air Search" Box (under the green
line) but YOU just want to get in the air so
we will go the FAST way!!!

On top of the "Air Search" Box, there is a
link (in light blue) that says "click here",
this is the AirSource DISPATCH link that
will assign you a flight right off the bat.
If you have your game running, and your
"MyAAS" on, it will give you a flight out
of there with no mess no fuss. (if available)

It tells you distance, departure, arrival
and da, da, da! But click in the middle
where it says "Equiptment" and beside
it, is the aircraft required to fly this flight.
Try and use an aircraft as close as possible
to the one discribed. If it requires a 737,
don't fly a B1 Bomber at Mach 3 or the
big guys here at AAS will talk to you
about it or you might not get credit
for it.

Now look at the top of the small box and
you will see "Add to Plan" click on that
and you have just booked your first
flight! Your name should be at the top
with "1 saved flight" in the box. Now,
scroll up to the top, and click "Home",
now you are back to the "Main AAS"
page and click again on "Pilot Operations"
and click again on "AirSource Flights"
(top left) and click again under the
pretty green 747 on (Scheduled Flight
Division) and you are back at the
"Air Search Box".

But this time, at the top left you should
see "View Plan Book" (small black letters)
well click on that and you will see that
your flight is booked for sure and you
are ready to hit the tarmac and do
some cloud hopping. Next, I will try
So watch the forum!

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Re: So... I'm a new pilot what do I do?

Postby zfly2sky » 19 Jan 2011 14:04


So if you have gotten this far, you
should have joined AAS, you should
have downloaded "MyAAS" and you
have just booked your first flight,
now what do YOU do. Start your
game first. Once it comes up,
go to your desktop and click for
your browser to come up. To make
it quicker, put this link in your
"bookmarks" of your browser. It's
a whole lot quicker that way.

Now you should know the routine by
now, go and get the info from your
booked flight, i.e., KIND to KJFK and
find out the departing time and the
date etc. I always record what I
book on a tablet for quick reference.
Go into your game and click "Create
a Flight". First get into the appropriate
aircraft for your booked flight. Then
go to the "Selected Weather" tab and
change it to "User-defined weather".
Then click on "Flight Plan". Input the
proper depart and arrival airports. I
always put "IFR" and use "Direct GPS"
and then click "Find Route".

You should see your "Flight Planner"
map with the dept and arrival airports,
and a big long red line going across the
map. Over to the right, "Airport KIND"
and Airport KJFK . Now click on your
KJFK. You should see a close up of the
dest airport with the red line running
into it. Use your cursor to move that
red line on either airports or intersection
triangles to vector you into the ILS (green
long arrows going into the runway.) If you
can't see any of these on the map, make
sure all of your icons at the top of the
"flight planner" have been clicked "on" and
green or you won't see them in the map.

Once you are satisfied with your flight
plan, write down all of those intersections
and airports you used to vector yourself
into your destination so you can us them
in your FS Navigator (for FS9 only). And
place your cursor over the ILS green arrows
go get your ILS frequency which in this case
is 109.50 at KJFK at runway 4R. Save the
plan, and yes, you want to be "moved to
your departure airport." Now you are back
to your "Create a Flight" page, don't
worry about the time right now, just
make sure it is day time and hit, "Fly

You should be either on the "Active
Runway" or a gate or ramp, which ever
you chose. Now click on your ATC and
get all the poop for departure i.e.,
altitude, taxi info and whatever but
set up your aircraft and FS Navigator,
autopilot etc. After all that is done,
put the right amount of fuel, and weight
and the VERY last thing you want to do
is set the time and date. Get in a habit
of doing this because in other divisions
it is vital for rank advancement, but for
now go and click your "alt" button on
your keyboard and bring up your top
white sym tray in the game and click
on "World" and then, "Time and Season".

Look to the right and see the GMT time?
AAS always goes by that time so remember.
And for example sake, let say your departure
time is 1700 hrs. Change that GMT time
to 16:59:57 and the date (for example)
19 January 2011 BUT DON'T CLICK "OK"
YET!. Now click your "Windows" button
on your key board to go to your desktop.
Now get in your "Windows Explorer" and
"My Computer","Local C", "Program Files"
and look for "My Active AirSouce" folder. Ta
Da!, click on it and low and behold you
see the square "AS" Icon that says, "My
AAS.exe", well click on that puppy.

Now, your "MyAAS" thingy is on your
desktop with, "test,test,test" all over
it but not for long. You first have to
get your "booked flight" into it from
the AAS site. So at the top of the
"MyAAS" click on "File", and then click
on "Download PreBooked Flights (On-
Line) It takes a minute or so to search
the site data base to find your booked
flight. When it finds it, click on that
line that details your flight. This is the
tricky part. It will say, no booked flights
but that is true because you have to
load it in on YOUR PC. dah!

Now the "MyAAS" box should reappear
and this time, click again on the "File"
but this time click on "Load Locally Saved
Flight" and there it is, high light it and
at the bottom click "Load Flight" and all
of a sudden, your "MyAAS" reappears but
all the "test,test,test" is gone and at the
bottom it says in blue, "Flight ready to
start, da,da,da. BUT STOP THERE!

Now go back into your game and remember
that you set "Time and Season" at 16:59: 57
at the correct date also, well now just click
"OK" in the "Time and Season" and you are
almost ready, again click your "Windows"
button on your keyboard and go to your
desktop, to your "MyAAS" and IMMEDIATELY
click "Start MyAAS". Your flight will start
at exactly 1700 hrs on the proper date and
you have 50 minutes of ground/taxi time
at both arrival and departure locations.
So take flight dude! Next maybe, HOW
Watch the forum.


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Re: So... I'm a new pilot what do I do?

Postby cuchoX » 23 Nov 2011 04:07

Hello everyone,

Question, I already have everything and I think I already tracked my first flight, but I can't see my time. I can still see the time on MyAAS, but I don't see it here. I was watching myself flying live in the website, but after landing and parking the plane when I hit end flight my FSX crashes... (normal behavior for FSX after installing all the saitek crap) I'm just curious, because I don't know if my MyAAS is not uploading that I'm done and I landed... Don't know.

Please help me out.


Re: So... I'm a new pilot what do I do?

Postby JSkorna » 23 Nov 2011 19:11


End your flight first in MyAAS. Then it doesn't matter what happens in FS. Now you still need to PIREP your flight using MyAAS, using that option from the menu. Then you re-connect to the web site for processing. Just seeing yourself at the site does not record anything, it just shows that you are flying and the details.

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Re: So... I'm a new pilot what do I do?

Postby cuchoX » 23 Nov 2011 22:53

Thank you!

Re: So... I'm a new pilot what do I do?

Postby troywx62 » 17 Feb 2015 15:42

Another dumb newbie question(s).
I have installed MyAAS and upload flight. When do I start flight? At engine start or at push back?
I add the posted depart time in the sim but the clock starts before or as I am requesting clearance.
When should I actually start MyAAS to get info correct?
I have been doing sim depart time/date as posted on schedule. Is my time talking to ATC included
as flight time for log book?
Also, if I book a flight for say a Monday only, but fly Sunday night due to real world obligations, do I set
sim date/time as actual RW or as posted in the Sch?
Sorry to bug you about this and look stupid but I want to do it correctly.
Thanks in advance.

Re: So... I'm a new pilot what do I do?

Postby Leemazz » 17 Feb 2015 18:54

I start recording from the gate MyAAS records it as ground time , you get 50 minutes of available ground time for departure and arrival .

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Re: So... I'm a new pilot what do I do?

Postby Montoliu » 22 Dec 2017 11:31

MyAAS installation seems not to work properly as I get a message about not connecting de server. Both, asking and retrieving to/from the server.
I have no trouble at all with other internet/web connections.

What should I do?

Re: So... I'm a new pilot what do I do?

Postby AS201 Joe » 22 Dec 2017 22:34

Just some things to try:

- Right-click on myAAS2.exe and choose "Run as Administrator"
- Make sure you didn't put it in a protected folder (i.e. Program files, My Documents"). Maybe put it on the desktop and try running it from there
- Not sure what firewall you are using but, need to make sure it is not blocking the myAAS2 requests.

Give those a try and let us know if working or not.

Also, welcome to Air-Source.

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