Flight Officer Information and Study Guide

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Flight Officer Information and Study Guide

Postby AS 2 Tom Little » 12 Aug 2018 13:22

12 Aug 2018 - We are proud to introduce the AirSource Flight Officer: Special access opening the opportunity for anyone on our roster to enter real-world flights, which is beneficial to all AirSource members! Not only can you perform a flight immediately after you enter it, but you also make it available to all your associates as well. Enabling Flight Officers allows our whole community to participate whilst updating our enormous database of available flights, one by one.

:arrow: WHO :?: All AirSource members may become a Flight Officer, which will allow entry of any real-world passenger or cargo flight from the approved websites listed below. The only requirement is that each member must take and pass the Flight Officer test. The topic you are reading now is the study guide in which all members can use to take the test. All the answers are here, but it is important to know this information sufficiently, or risk losing access to flight entry. If flight data entered is found to be inaccurate or falsified, the member's flight entry access will be revoked, without warning.

:arrow: WHAT :?: When entering flights, Flight Officers must adhere to duplicating the following entries exactly, derived from the real-world flight:
  • Type (Passenger or Cargo)
  • Departure/Arrival airports
  • Scheduled Departure/Arrival times (In local time)
  • Aircraft type
  • Flight number
  • Airline

It???s optional but will add to the depth of the flight realism if you can locate and enter the effective days of the week for the flight. Some websites provide this data, but we noticed that more and more live tracking sites are not providing this information outright. FlightMapper, PlaneFinder and the Airline websites display effective days for each flight.

It is important to stress that the flight must be entered exactly as shown from the source website. For example, you cannot enter the aircraft type 767-200 if the published schedule shows the aircraft as a 767-300. AirSource allows substitution of aircraft when performing a flight (see Employee manual section, but the published flight within AirSource must match that of the original source so that those pilots striving for a precise simulation have assurance that the data we provide is correct.

Charter Airlines: Charter Flights are limited to only the airlines that exist in the database and request for charter airline additions are subject to review and may not be approved.

:arrow: WHEN :?: Only current or near future published flights are allowed. No classic/past flights (older than 2 weeks), or ???future announce??? flights are allowed. An example of invalid past flights would be a classic printed schedule from 2016. Or an invalid future flight is a flight that cannot be booked in the real world or currently tracked or one that is subject to regulatory approval. Every Flight Officer can also enter as many flights as they wish, but it is important to remember that the quality of data being entered remain of the utmost. All flight data entered must match the real world current or near future published flight data from any of the approved websites (listed below). Flights entered by flight officers may be deleted from the database at any time by administrators as part of data cleanup.

In addition, all flight times are entered utilizing the 24-hour (military) time format. It is integral that each Flight Officer knows the 24-hour format, and if not sure, refer to the chart below:

Military_Time_Chart.png (109.24 KiB) Viewed 2624 times

:arrow: WHERE :?: All flights must replicate the real-world flight data exactly as published on our approved flight tracking website list. If you find any other reliable real-world flight websites, feel free to drop in to the forum and let us know. We will consider adding to this list. Approved websites are as follows:
that publish ALL data required to enter a flight (Departure/Arrival airports and local times, airline, aircraft type, flight number).

:arrow: WHY :?: Through the years, AirSource has strived to provide the latest real-world flight data for a vast variety of airlines. It???s been an exhaustive effort and some incredible feats have been achieved by various members present and past. Over 2,000,000 flights have been painstakingly entered since AirSource was established in the year 2000! Over time we have introduced state-of-the-art technology for our members including the ???Flight-Kiosk???, but ultimately this technology proved to be high maintenance and not always reliable. But we know through experience who we can rely on, and that is our members! Opening the opportunity for anyone on our roster to enter a real-world flight is advantages to us all. Not only can you perform a flight immediately after you enter it, but you also make it available to all the other members.

:arrow: HOW :?: After reading this study guide thoroughly, members may take the test by clicking here. Enter your PILOT NUMBER and FULL NAME. Members can take the test as many times as needed to pass but must achieve an 80% or higher score. Please allow up to a week for approval access once test has been passed. There is no need to e-mail or post in the forums as the test scores are check periodically. Once approved, you will receive an e-mail and when you navigate to the website, you will see a link to enter the flights from the SCHEDULED DIVISION main page.
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