Airbus A220 ICAO/IATA codes

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Airbus A220 ICAO/IATA codes

Postby Alan Black AS122 » 21 Jun 2019 03:23

Since Airbus got involved, I've been trying to get some clarity behind the codes and names being used, and I'm still searching. I've seen the 221 and A221 codes used, but I can't find any sources that show that these are official codes and not something the airlines are using just to sound better. I just did another bout of searching and I was able to find the table on ICAO's website that confirms they are still using BCS1 & BCS3 as the ICAO codes, as well as a tweet from Flightradar24 that states "Friendly flight tracking reminder: Airbus A220 is a name change. The ICAO codes and thus the filters on Flightradar24 remain unchanged.", but I'm still on the fence with the IATA code.

For now, I just updated the aircraft records in our database to use the new name, so from now on, you will need to search for the Airbus A220-100 or A220-300 to find those flights, but I've left the codes the same.

Does anyone have anything concrete, or a good source that might clear this up for us?



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Re: Airbus A220 ICAO/IATA codes

Postby AS37 Norm Edwards » 22 Jun 2019 08:17

Ahh.. those pesky icao/iata codes. I took a good look around too Alan and couldn't find anything of authority for the 220 series. But i'll keep looking too! :)

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Re: Airbus A220 ICAO/IATA codes

Postby AS 2 Tom Little » 23 Jun 2019 01:24

I feel Roy visiting us lol! IATA's were one of his pet peeves :)

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Re: Airbus A220 ICAO/IATA codes

Postby Phillip Speer » 06 Jul 2019 19:20


I believe they use CS1 and CS3 as the IATA codes, similar to the ICAO codes, change in name but still same aircraft. IATA don't appear to publish a helpful document as ICAO do but is used on sites like flightaware and Swiss use these ( albeit still under Bombardier.


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