MSFS on the Xbox S

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MSFS on the Xbox S

Postby sonjamichelle » 14 May 2022 08:26

Ya know, I'm 50 and I bought the new Xbox S, my very first real console.

It is kind of nice having one of the new Xboxes. Was lounging in the den and thought, hey let's do a flight on MSFS. I did the New York discovery flight. Put me in the air over Central Park. Flew by the Empire State, over The financial District, out to "sea" over Battery Park, over Ellis Island, Hooked around Liberty Island, on over Governor's Island and the Brooklyn Navy Yard. On up along the East River, over La Guardia. I then flew by what I though was Co-Op City and again what I thought was I95. Instead it turned out to be the LIE. I was born in the Northport Area. My folks grew up there. On past MacArthur (When did then rename Islip??). Flew out to the end of Long Island, North over the sound into Milford. Continued on to West Haven, over Meriden (My folks lived there for 7 years, I could only handle one winter before I headed back to Austin, TX.). Continued to New Have, New Britain and into Hartford for a rather bumpy landing into Bradley.

Was rather relaxing.

We're doing some rearranging in the Workshop later today and I'm going to adjust my VolairSim setup to more come out from the corner. Give me more room behind the setup to use my HTC Vive VR. I've been too busy working and trying to just keep things going around the house. So I'm trying to "force" myself to slow down a bit, give myself more time to fly with my extensive FlightSim rig, play a few more games (I'm not a gamer like my brothers or even my Wife) do some VR, get the blood pumping. Though I am scheduled for an EKG next week to rule out atrial fibrillation. Sucks getting old. My Dad just had a dual valve replacement. He said after that, NEVER again. Been a rough recovery road for him.

I'll probably pop onto Twitch or Facebook or YouTube and stream some of my flights.

Anyhoo, here's to seeing some of y'all in the friendly skies! Heck, maybe I'll even catch an official AirSource Event soon, lol.

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Re: MSFS on the Xbox S

Postby AS 2 Tom Little » 17 May 2022 23:39

Wow that is a nice way to relax Sonja! Kickin' back with new xbox sounds like a good way to escape r/w stuff. Sorry to hear about the rough recovery your Dad is having - when my Dad was around he was saying much of the same things - it almost seemed selfish of us kids to expect him to go through all those treatments and such - it really puts a strain on the body and I get it - getting old DOES suck! Enjoy every minute :)

I fly MSFS quite a lot, ironically not much of any for AirSource as it's just quick test flights and many I don't even land I just turn it off mid flight because something else comes up that I need to do. Steam shows I have flown 1,499.1 hours in MSFS since release - wow more than I thought!

As impressed as I am with it, the weather has taken a turn for the worst in the past few updates. Ever since they introduced that METAR it took a lot of mystique away and now only shows like one type of cloud and they are ugly.

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