Executive Director AS 171 Ian Place
Ground Speed   True Air Speed 483 knots
Ground Speed   Ground Speed 468 knots
Altitude   Altitude FL 380
Heading   Hdg 225°  Wind 273° @ 25 knots
Total Flight Time   224 minutes / 3.7 hours
Fuel Remaining   Fuel Rem 16,080 Lb / 35%
Origination   EDDT Tegel Germany
Destination   GCTS Reina Sofia Spain
Aircraft Type Boeing 737-800 Ryr   Boeing 737-800 Ryr
  Temp @ Acft -69°F/-56°C
Total Flight Distance   Total Distance 1,980 NM
Flight Distance Remaining Dist Remaining 425.0 NM
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LDM Laudamotion - Austria -   Laudamotion - Austria - " "
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 Recent Flights flown for Laudamotion - Austria - " "
Date Flown Pilot Departed Arrived Aircraft Type PIREP Remarks Hrs
17 Jun 2018 AS 122 Alan Black LEPA Palma De Mallorca EDDK Cologne Bonn 737-800 **MyAAS Verified** 2.6
 Recent flights flown for route EDDT Tegel Germany to GCTS Reina Sofia Spain
Date Flown Pilot Airline Aircraft Type PIREP Remarks Hrs
30 May 2011 AS 476 James Meadows
  HLX zzTUIfly Germany Yellow Cab - Merged  HLX zzTUIfly Germany ...
737-700 None 5.2
8 Apr 2006 AS 263 Jacques Abitan
  CFG Condor Flugdienst - Germany - "Condor"  CFG Condor Flugdienst - ...
767-400 None 4.5
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DeparTag-Tags for the departure airport of this flight EDDT Tegel Germany
ArrivalTag-Tags for the arrival airport of this flight GCTS Reina Sofia Spain