Senior Captain AS 667 Eytan Toledo
Ground Speed   True Air Speed 7 knots
Ground Speed   Ground Speed N/A
Altitude   Altitude 126 Feet
Heading   Hdg 273°  Wind 340° @ 25 knots
Total Flight Time   153 minutes / 2.6 hours
Fuel Remaining   Fuel Rem 7,569 Lb / 18%
Origination   ZSCN Nanchang Changbei ...
Destination   ZBAA Beijing Capital China
Aircraft Type Airbus A320-200 Cfm Air China   Airbus A320-200 Cfm Air China
  Temp @ Acft 35°F/2°C
Total Flight Distance   Total Distance 689 NM
Flight Distance Remaining Dist Remaining 0.7 NM
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  AS 671 Antonis Kastrinakis
  AS 381 Gregory Spivey
  AS 220 Paul Sargent
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CCA Air China Limited - China - "Air China"   Air China Limited - China - "Air China"
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 Recent Flights flown for Air China Limited - China - "Air China"
Date Flown Pilot Departed Arrived Aircraft Type PIREP Remarks Hrs
1 Aug 2018 AS 55 Sean Naylor MUHA JosÚ MartÝ ... CYUL Pierre Elliott ... B787-9 Dreamliner **MyAAS Verified** 3.3
28 Jul 2018 AS 176 Andre Vermeulen FAOR O. R. Tambo Int ZBAA Beijing Capital 777-300 **MyAAS Verified** 13.7
14 Jul 2018 AS 84 Kym Burton ZHHH Wuhan Tianhe Intl ZGGG Baiyun A320 ZGGG 250730Z ... 1.5
5 Jul 2018 AS 593 Jeffrey Belford ZYHB Taiping ZBTJ Tianjin Binhai Intl 737-800 M-.78/FL-360... 1.8
7 Jun 2018 AS 86 Terry Wright ZSPD Pudong Intl RJAA New Tokyo Intl ... 747-400 Freighter H **MyAAS Verified** 2.4
7 Jun 2018 AS 355 Omar Skinner ZGGG Baiyun ZBAA Beijing Capital B787-9 Dreamliner **MyAAS Verified** 2.9
5 Jun 2018 AS 86 Terry Wright ZPPP Kunming ... ZSPD Pudong Intl 737-800 **MyAAS Verified** 2.8
31 May 2018 AS 86 Terry Wright ZBAA Beijing Capital ZMUB BuyantUkhaa 737-800 **MyAAS Verified** 1.8
30 May 2018 AS 86 Terry Wright VHHH Hong Kong Intl ZBAA Beijing Capital A321 **MyAAS Verified** 2.9
26 May 2018 AS 463 Joan Napoles ZSPD Pudong Intl KSJC Mineta San Jose Intl A330-200 **MyAAS Verified** 11.8
 Recent flights flown for route ZSCN Nanchang Changbei ... to ZBAA Beijing Capital China
Date Flown Pilot Airline Aircraft Type PIREP Remarks Hrs
5 Apr 2018 AS 667 Eytan Toledo
  CCA Air China Limited - China - "Air China"  CCA Air China Limited - ...
A320 **MyAAS Verified** 2.6
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ArrivalTag-Tags for the arrival airport of this flight ZBAA Beijing Capital China