Executive Director AS 38 Liam Reynolds
Ground Speed   True Air Speed 174 knots
Ground Speed   Ground Speed 176 knots
Altitude   Altitude 5,995 Feet
Heading   Hdg 238°  Wind 352° @ 2 knots
Total Flight Time   162 minutes / 2.7 hours
Fuel Remaining   Fuel Rem 0 Lb / 100%
Origination   KHDN Yampa Valley Regl ...
Destination   KDFW Dallas/Ft Worth Intl ...
Aircraft Type Airbus A320 Neo (fbw) Thomas Cook   Airbus A320 Neo (fbw) ...
  Temp @ Acft 59°F/15°C
Total Flight Distance   Total Distance 667 NM
Flight Distance Remaining Dist Remaining 5.0 NM
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  AS 381 Gregory Spivey
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AAL American Airlines - United States (Texas) - "American"   American Airlines - United States (Texas) - "American"
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 Recent Flights flown for American Airlines - United States (Texas) - "American"
Date Flown Pilot Departed Arrived Aircraft Type PIREP Remarks Hrs
22 Jun 2021 AS 552 Ryan Dautremont KDFW Dallas/Ft Worth Intl KSBA Santa Barbara Mun A319 None 2.3
22 Jun 2021 AS 176 Andre Vermeulen KCLT CharlotteDouglas ... LFPG Charles De Gaulle A330 **MyAAS Verified** 8.0
21 Jun 2021 AS 295 Neil Burgess LGAV Eleftherios ... KJFK Kennedy Intl 777-200 **MyAAS Verified** 10.1
20 Jun 2021 AS 176 Andre Vermeulen EIDW Dublin Intl KCLT CharlotteDouglas ... A330 **MyAAS Verified** 7.9
19 Jun 2021 AS 552 Ryan Dautremont KDFW Dallas/Ft Worth Intl KOMA Eppley A319 None 1.2
19 Jun 2021 AS 194 Lavon Watson KMIA Miami Intl LEBL El Prat 777-200 **MyAAS Verified** 8.7
19 Jun 2021 AS 291 Moalic Guillaume EHAM Schiphol KDFW Dallas/Ft Worth Intl B777-300ER **MyAAS ... 10.3
13 Jun 2021 AS 615 Vic Alesi KMEM Memphis Intl KCLT CharlotteDouglas ... 737-700 **MyAAS Verified** 1.6
12 Jun 2021 AS 291 Moalic Guillaume KDFW Dallas/Ft Worth Intl EHAM Schiphol B777-300ER **MyAAS ... 9.4
11 Jun 2021 AS 295 Neil Burgess EDDM Munich KCLT CharlotteDouglas ... 777-200 **MyAAS Verified** 10.3
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DeparTag-Tags for the departure airport of this flight KHDN Yampa Valley Regl United States
No TAGS exist for this airport
ArrivalTag-Tags for the arrival airport of this flight KDFW Dallas/Ft Worth Intl United States