Executive Director AS 122 Alan Black
Ground Speed   True Air Speed 215 knots
Ground Speed   Ground Speed 209 knots
Altitude   Altitude 3,874 Feet
Heading   Hdg 109°  Wind 158° @ 13 knots
Total Flight Time   629 minutes / 10.5 hours
Fuel Remaining   Fuel Rem 73,795 Lb / 33%
Origination   EPKK John Paul II Intl Poland
Destination   KORD OHare Intl United States
Aircraft Type Plane0  Freeware_copyright_tenkuudevelopersstudio_01jun2013 Optant1110000000_optdec00000 Lot Rr   Plane0 ...
  Temp @ Acft 6°F/-14°C
Total Flight Distance   Total Distance 4,104 NM
Flight Distance Remaining Dist Remaining 11.6 NM
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  AS 176 Andre Vermeulen
  AS 35 Phil Lemercier
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  AS 628 Tibor Nagy
  AS 307 Nathan Mcrither
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LOT LOT Polish Airlines - Poland - "LOT"   LOT Polish Airlines - Poland - "LOT"
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 Recent Flights flown for LOT Polish Airlines - Poland - "LOT"
Date Flown Pilot Departed Arrived Aircraft Type PIREP Remarks Hrs
3 Jan 2019 AS 86 Terry Wright EPWA Frederic Chopin EGLL Heathrow 737 MAX 8 **MyAAS Verified** 2.2
1 Jan 2019 AS 86 Terry Wright LSZH Zurich EPWA Frederic Chopin EMB-195 **MyAAS Verified** 1.5
8 Dec 2018 AS 597 Jeff Coward EGLL Heathrow EPWA Frederic Chopin B787-8 Dreamliner **MyAAS Verified** 2.8
28 Nov 2018 AS 191 Phillip Speer EPWA Frederic Chopin EDDL Dusseldorf 737-800 **MyAAS ... 1.8
29 Oct 2018 AS 612 Dan Cole LFPG CharlesDeGaulle EPWA Frederic Chopin 737-800 **MyAAS Verified** 2.8
22 Oct 2018 AS 122 Alan Black EPWA Frederic Chopin LROP Henri Coanda Intl EMB-175 **MyAAS Verified** 1.7
11 Oct 2018 AS 487 Tyrone Headlam EPWA Frederic Chopin KJFK Kennedy Intl B787-9 Dreamliner **MyAAS ... 8.8
11 Oct 2018 AS 487 Tyrone Headlam KJFK Kennedy Intl EPWA Frederic Chopin B787-9 Dreamliner **MyAAS ... 8.6
12 Sep 2018 AS 267 Rob Finn EGLL Heathrow EPWA Frederic Chopin B787-9 Dreamliner None 2.2
28 Feb 2018 AS 432 Norman Bowman EHAM Schiphol EPWA Frederic Chopin B787-8 Dreamliner **MyAAS Verified** 2.0
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DeparTag-Tags for the departure airport of this flight EPKK John Paul II Intl Poland
ArrivalTag-Tags for the arrival airport of this flight KORD OHare Intl United States