Executive Director AS 520 Arsene Anguima
Ground Speed   True Air Speed 437 knots
Ground Speed   Ground Speed 434 knots
Altitude   Altitude FL 290
Heading   Hdg 22°  Wind 303° @ 24 knots
Total Flight Time   25 minutes / 0.4 hours
Fuel Remaining   Fuel Rem 15,017 Lb / 36%
Origination   LEBL El Prat Spain
Destination   LIMJ Sestri Italy
Aircraft Type Airbus A320 Vueling Ec-luo   Airbus A320 Vueling Ec-luo
  Temp @ Acft -56°F/-49°C
Total Flight Distance   Total Distance 351 NM
Flight Distance Remaining Dist Remaining 327.0 NM
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VLG Vueling Airlines - Spain - "Vueling"   Vueling Airlines - Spain - "Vueling"
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 Recent Flights flown for Vueling Airlines - Spain - "Vueling"
Date Flown Pilot Departed Arrived Aircraft Type PIREP Remarks Hrs
20 Jan 2019 AS 593 Jeffrey Belford LEMG Malaga???Costa ... LEST Santiago A320 M-.78/FL-380... 1.3
5 Jan 2019 AS 122 Alan Black EDDM Munich LEBL El Prat A320 **MyAAS Verified** 2.0
2 Jan 2019 AS 122 Alan Black LEBL El Prat LFLL Saint Exupery A320 **MyAAS Verified** 1.6
2 Jan 2019 AS 649 Marco Schmid LEMD Adolfo Su??rez ... LEBL El Prat A320 **MyAAS Verified** 1.3
29 Dec 2018 AS 593 Jeffrey Belford LEBL El Prat LEMG Malaga???Costa ... A321 M-.78/FL-360... 1.4
28 Dec 2018 AS 86 Terry Wright LEBL El Prat LOWW Schwechat A321 **MyAAS Verified** 2.0
22 Dec 2018 AS 86 Terry Wright LEZL San Pablo GCXO Tenerife North A320 **MyAAS Verified** 2.0
5 Dec 2018 AS 593 Jeffrey Belford LSZH Zurich LEBL El Prat A320 M-.78/FL-380... 1.4
5 Dec 2018 AS 671 Antonis Kastrinakis LIRF Fiumicino - ... LGMK Mikonos A320 **MyAAS Verified** 2.2
13 Nov 2018 AS 593 Jeffrey Belford LEAL Alicante???Elche LSZH Zurich A320 M-.78/FL-370... 2.0
 Recent flights flown for route LEBL El Prat Spain to LIMJ Sestri Italy
Date Flown Pilot Airline Aircraft Type PIREP Remarks Hrs
9 Sep 2006 AS 37 Norm Edwards
  ASHA AirSource Humanitarian Airlift Division  ASHA AirSource ...
C-1 None 1.2
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