Senior Captain AS 483 Peter Goodman
Ground Speed   True Air Speed 13 knots
Ground Speed   Ground Speed N/A
Altitude   Altitude 223 Feet
Heading   Heading 175°
Total Flight Time   139 minutes / 2.3 hours
Fuel Remaining   Fuel Rem 3,472 Lb / 72%
Origination   RJSK Akita Japan
Destination   RJCN Nakashibetsu Japan
Aircraft Type Dc-3 Stobart Air G-duck   Dc-3 Stobart Air G-duck
  Temp @ Acft 74°F/23°C
Total Flight Distance   Total Distance 318 NM
Flight Distance Remaining Dist Remaining 0.3 NM
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General Aviation Flight  AirSource General Aviation Division
ASG General Aviation   General Aviation
Testing an aircraft or perhaps just want to get away from the pressures of passengers and pressing schedules? AirSource Pilots always love to fly, and when the going gets tough, the Pilots takeoff to the General Aviation Division to relax.
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 Recent Flights flown for General Aviation
Date Flown Pilot Departed Arrived Aircraft Type PIREP Remarks Hrs
19 Feb 2018 AS 423 Simon Utley BGTL Thule AB BGQQ Qaanaaq 208B - Grand Caravan **MyAAS ... 0.5
19 Feb 2018 AS 483 Peter Goodman RJSK Akita RJCN Nakashibetsu 337 - Skymaster **MyAAS Verified** 2.3
18 Feb 2018 AS 423 Simon Utley CYIO Pond Inlet BGTL Thule AB 208B - Grand Caravan **MyAAS ... 1.8
17 Feb 2018 AS 311 Terry Milanese KBDL Bradley Intl KSYR Syracuse Hancock ... 208B - Grand Caravan **MyAAS Verified** 1.2
15 Feb 2018 AS 423 Simon Utley PASC Deadhorse CYEV Zubko Learjet - 45 **MyAAS ... 1.3
13 Feb 2018 AS 280 Eric Lilly KMRY Monterey Peninsula KMMH Mammoth Yosemite Pa-24-250 - Commanche **MyAAS Verified** 1.5
11 Feb 2018 AS 280 Eric Lilly KCEC McNamara KMRY Monterey Peninsula Pa-24-250 - Commanche **MyAAS Verified** 2.5
9 Feb 2018 AS 280 Eric Lilly KSTS Sonoma Co KCEC McNamara Pa-24-250 - Commanche **MyAAS Verified** 2.0
8 Feb 2018 AS 437 Rodrigo Flores SBSP Congonhas Intl SBRJ Santos Dumont PC-12 **MyAAS Verified** 1.1
7 Feb 2018 AS 423 Simon Utley PAGM Gambell PAOM Nome DHC-6 - Twin Otter **MyAAS ... 1.2
 Recent flights flown for route RJSK Akita Japan to RJCN Nakashibetsu Japan
Date Flown Pilot Airline Aircraft Type PIREP Remarks Hrs
19 Feb 2018 AS 483 Peter Goodman
  ASG AirSource General Aviation  ASG AirSource General Aviation
337 - Skymaster **MyAAS Verified** 2.3
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ArrivalTag-Tags for the arrival airport of this flight RJCN Nakashibetsu Japan
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