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AirSource Headlines

SMILE :) ROSTER PHOTO TODAY [15 September 2019]
AS 455 DON SMITH OWNER OF N-9310H [12 March 2019]
24,000 FLIGHTS IN 90 DAYS! [27 February 2019]
THE SPACE CORRIDOR [14 December 2018]
HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS 2018! [EVENT CLOSED] [11 December 2018]
AIRSOURCE TO THE RESCUE! [8 December 2018]
SERVER ISSUES [UPDATED] [6 December 2018]


AirSource is proud to offer the crew pass; another "industry first" to lead the way in to VA history! Utilizing a crew pass allows our members to have a visual confirmation of their planned flights and introduce new and exciting features for us to enjoy before entering the cockpit. Crew passes can be redeemed to perform flights and keep in your collection, or they can be traded or sold to other members in a future update.

AirSource is starting by introducing the "special category" crew passes and will eventually convert all divisions to using them. Some crew passes are very limited in quantity and will become instant collectables, so get yours today!

CLICK HERE for the Crew Pass gateway to start exploring the collection of crew passes. Have fun!

New Hires

United States Of America Jon Willhite hired 14 Sep 2019 From United States Of America 1 Flight Filed [9.9 Total Hours]
United States Of America Michael Wilkshire hired 14 Sep 2019 From United States Of America 1 Flight Filed [1.5 Total Hours]
Australia John Sidiras hired 7 Sep 2019 From Australia
South Africa Gerard Busschers hired 6 Sep 2019 From South Africa 15 Flights Filed [56.9 Total Hours]
United Kingdom Stephen Ellis hired 5 Sep 2019 From United Kingdom 6 Flights Filed [9.6 Total Hours]
Canada Bachir Skender hired 2 Sep 2019 From Canada 1 Flight Filed [0.6 Total Hours]
United States Of America Joseph Shim hired 24 Aug 2019 From United States Of America 2 Flights Filed [14.2 Total Hours]
United States Of America Barrett Gilham  hired 20 Aug 2019 From United States Of America 2 Flights Filed [5.1 Total Hours]
Portugal Diogo Monteiro hired 17 Aug 2019 From Portugal 4 Flights Filed [1.2 Total Hours]
Belgium Roger Wijns hired 16 Aug 2019 From Belgium 9 Flights Filed [14.3 Total Hours]

Airline Headlines [Courtesy of Airline]

Pilot Union Tests British Airways By Canceling Planned Strike [18 Sep 2019]
Study Ranks Airlines with Safest Onboard Water [17 Sep 2019]
Norwegian Defers Bond Payments, Strengthen its Financial Position [17 Sep 2019]
Japan Assigns 50 New International Daytime Slots at Tokyo Haneda [16 Sep 2019]
Spirit Airlines Unveils Newly-Redesigned Cabin Seats to be Installed on New A320s [15 Sep 2019]
Indian Government Expected to Offer Entirety of Air India for Privatization [15 Sep 2019]
Future of Flight to Offer Tours of Boeing’s “Dreams Take Flight” Dreamliner [15 Sep 2019]
Fiji Airways’ First A350 One Step Closer to Delivery [14 Sep 2019]
No Finish Line Yet In Sight For Alitalia [14 Sep 2019]
StarLux Airlines Prepares to Launch Operations in January [13 Sep 2019]


What Is AirSource?

We are a team of dedicated Virtual Pilots spanning the globe. Over 1,200 Airlines have contracts with Airsource. Every day, there are Pilots that call in sick, take vacation, go on strike, or simply cannot make it to the gate on time for their flight. AirSource is  here to keep scheduled Airline service uninterrupted.

Fly Air Tahiti - French Polynesia - "Air Tahiti" at AirSource. One of over 1,200 airlines we service.
AirSource Pilots have flown this airline 179 times totaling 245.9 hours.

Active AirSource

AirMap Here

See AirSource Pilots flying in real time using Lockheed Martin P3D, Laminar Research X-Plane, and Microsoft Flight Simulator in conjunction with our own, in-house ACARS (Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System). This is the future of virtual flying! The table below displays pilots currently flying. 8 total pilots currently flying.

UAE Ian Place Session Flight Time 14 Hours 25 Minutes
ACA Don Gore Session Flight Time 3 Hours 16 Minutes
VOI Gerard Busschers Session Flight Time 2 Hours 52 Minutes
EZY Alan Turville Session Flight Time 2 Hours 30 Minutes
UAE Lawrence E Sweet Session Flight Time 1 Hour 52 Minutes
UAE Kevin Sergeant Session Flight Time 1 Hour 42 Minutes
SWA Norman Bowman Session Flight Time 1 Hour 5 Minutes
AWI George Sheehan Session Flight Time 10 Minutes
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AirSource Family

Click below to view a larger version of our special "Active Roster Group Photo Collage". The roster snapshots will be updated from time to time, and include only pilots whom were active in the past year at the time of the photo. Snapshot taken September 2019

AirSource Division Stats- Non Archived Flights

Scheduled Division 251,442 flights filed,
803,022.2 total hours, 3.2 hour average flight duration
Bid Division 53,658 flights filed,
170,802.9 total hours, 3.2 hour average flight duration
ASHA Division 42,069 flights filed,
109,780.6 total hours, 2.6 hour average flight duration
General Aviation Division 9,544 flights filed,
14,514.1 total hours, 1.9 hour average flight duration
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